14w19a: Minecraft 1.8 Snapshot

Since I have been playing in with the 1.8 snapshots in survival, I have noticed a lot of things you might not notice in creative. Things like how much hunger carrots restore, and how skeletons run away from exploding creepers. Most people who check out the snapshot in creative miss a lot of small fun things.

But one of the biggest features in 1.8 that everyone loves, is slime blocks. When they were first added, all they did was cancel fall damage and send you flying back up when you landed on it. But in snapshot 14w18a, when a piston pushes/pulls a slime block, any blocks touching the slime block would be pulled, too.

You could have a long line of slime blocks, each hold each other and any other touching blocks together. With a bit of redstonery, you could also make a machine that pulls itself along! Basically, you just put a line of slime blocks that go around behind and grab onto the piston that pushes the slime blocks. Then, add a redstone block touching one of the slime blocks and touching (powering) the piston, and it just starts and keeps going forever! Also, if you (or any entity) is on a slime block, and the slime block is pushed upward you will get thrown into the the air about 7 or 8 blocks high. It does the same if you are touching a slime block to the side of it, too.

Using perfectly timed redstone mechanisms, you can make an elevator the keeps pushing you up! I hope to make a shop in Da Block SMP that sells flying rides around 🙂

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