3 Things You Should Know Before Animating Minecraft Videos

So, here are three tips you should know before you start animating. #1: If you want to make an object disappear, NEVER delete it. In my last Minecraft video, when the objects exploded, I deleted them thinking it would only delete in that frame. I was wrong, and it deleted it off of every frame.

It would be very hard to add the blocks back, re-size, and position each one of them. There are other ways of making blocks disappear WITHOUT deleting them. This is actually why I couldn’t continue the video..

. #2: Videos look a lot better if you move the camera a lot, but make sure it doesn’t move to fast. I’m working on another video, but when the camera moves it moves a little to fast. Still gotta find a way to slow it down.

..  #3: I have to admit it, but I did not make all those blocks, and not even the character. That is, I did make the wooden planks and wood blocks in the last video, but everything else like the character and the creeper I did not make.

I just animated them. If you want to get a VERY good file filled with Minecraft objects, you can download it here: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/464707-blender-258-minecraft-rigs/ 

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