3D Printing a Minecraft World

I recently had the idea of 3D printing Minecraft worlds, and even though I didn’t expect much, it turned out really nice.I never really tried 3D printing a Minecraft world before, but I realized I never had a reason why not to. I had the idea that it wouldn’t work, and it was probably on account of the warping. But now that I had a heat bed and was using a really good adhesive method, I was getting almost no warping at all anymore.

Out of curiosity, I 3D printed a portion of a world. The result was much better then I expected:In this print, I included a lot of the underground to give it a good base. I made it 75% hollow, and I was able to actually see the caves (which were hollow, too) inside the print. If you cut this print in half, you could see the caves.

Even on the side, where it cut into a cave, it is hollow and it goes down a bit. Then, I thought about selling 3D prints like these, of people’s own worlds. I asked on a 3D printing community on Google Plus if anyone would be interested in buying a 3D print of their Minecraft world for about $4. Obviously, everyone there had a 3D printer so I didn’t expect any offers.

However, one person asked to get a print of two separate parts of their world (two different prints), and also two other prints for his sons. However, it was from a Pocket Edition world, which posed a big problemThe way I get the 3D models is using a program called Mineways, which allows  you to select a part of the world and export it as a 3D model. However, Minecraft: Pocket Edition was written in an entirely different language then the normal PC version, which meant that the worlds were coded in a whole different way. Not only that, but getting them off of the iOS/Android device is fairly hard, too.

It may as well have been a completely different game. However, the latest development versions of MCEdit (a Minecraft world editing program) allows you to open these worlds (after you get them off the device, which wasn’t as hard as imagined). From there, you should hypothetically be able to save/export it as a Minecraft PC world. Hypothetically.

However, due to using a development version of MCEdit, it gives me an error when trying to save almost any world. This meant that I had to export it first as a schematic file (kind of like selecting an area and putting it on your clipboard), then import it into an empty PC world. This worked (thankfully), and I was able to open it in PC edition. It looked pretty cool, and this meant that I can switch worlds between PC and iOS fairly easily (probably, though, inventory contents wouldn’t be saved).

From there, I was able to open the world in Mineways and export it as a model, and print it. You can see the result:

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