A Preview On One Of my Projects

I’ve got this REALLY big project I’m working on, and it is PVP (Player Versus Player) kits. There are a few I’ve already made, and I took screenshots of some of them. There is a tank, which has FULL diamond armor and an iron sword, and if you hit him it hits you with the same amount of damage, so this guy is very powerful. Then there is the archer, which has two weapons.

First, a bow that has sharpness and Infinity for sharp-shooting, and a machine-gun. The bow has more range, though. Then there is the fire kit (the one I worked on the most) that can shoot fireballs and RIDE fireballs too! He has an anti-fire potion, so fire can’t do anything on him. His armor also has fire resistance.

Then there is the assassin kit, which gives you black armor, super-speed, and a stone dagger that has sharpness. Then there is the ender kit, which gets blue and black leather armor, and a stack (64) of ender pearls which can teleport you. His armor also has a LOT of fall damage protection, so ender pearls don’t do much damage. Then lastly, there is the ice kit.

He gets full white leather armor, and a snowball-gun. If a snowball hits a player or mob, it freezes them for about 6 seconds. Also, on contact with the ground it will place an ice block, and my favorite thing about the kit is how you can make ice bridges by firing snowballs across a ravine. I am now working on a plant kit, which gets a gun that shoots “tree eggs”, and on impact with the ground they will grow a HUGE tree.

This is the perfect enemy against archers. Here are are some screenshots of some of the kits:

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