Recently, I have noticed that there is a lot of adware on our computers. Mostly, its popup ads, or ads appearing on the side on most websites. Also, it goes to random websites and underlines words so when you hover over them, it displays an ad. I decided enough was enough, so I tried finding the adware.

Most of the adware was actually legit ad things, but were installed when installing a different program. And because they were legit, I was able to remove them easily. But there were two programs that wouldn’t budge as easy. One was a thing called Optimizer Pro, which is some sort of anti virus thing.

Of course, if you find a program that claims to be an anti virus program, and you didn’t install it, then it is probably either adware or virus. I did a bit of searching (I always do before un-installing a program that might be adware for virus), and found out that Optimizer Pro is not really a virus or adware, but it just pretends to remove viruses and things from your computer, but doesn’t actually do anything. It just tries to get you to buy the full version, which also does nothing. And the second program I found was a thing called Mega Browse.

I don’t think it is a legit program, because it wouldn’t let me un-install it. I had to look online for a fix, and found this thing for removing adware called Adwcleaner. I made sure it was not a virus by looking it up, and apparently it wasn’t. I ran it, and it came up with a few adware/virus programs, including Mega Browse and Optimizer Pro.

It deleted them for me, then restarted the computer. After that, it was much easier to browse in peace, without having a bunch of ads everywhere. A word of advice, the first thing to do if you see weird ads on your website, is to go to your control panel, then search for “remove”. Look for “Remove programs” or something like that, click it, and just search for fishy program names.

It shouldn’t be that hard to uninstall after that.

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