Awesome Minecraft Mod Called McHeli

If you like guns in Minecraft, you have probably heard of a mod called Flan’s Mod. It is actually a sort of API, but there are a lot of content packs on the site that add things like guns, planes, tanks, cars, etc. I really like flying things in Minecraft, especially gigantic flying things. It was my dream to use Archimedes’ Ships mod to make a gigantic flying fortress with all my belongings and chests in the inside, so I wouldn’t have anything to go back to/for.

The only problem is, you can’t take your pets with you. They can’t get in/on on the ship when you move it, they just fall right through. Of course, players are able to ride in the ship as passengers if you make passenger seats, but other mobs and creatures can’t get in. I think this is a huge drawback, because it would be nice to have all your pets following me around.

I wanted to use this when we started our modded survival, and make my house a floating one, but my NPC friend couldn’t stay with me. If I moved the ship in the sky, and he was up there, he would fall to his death and that would be the end of that. I wanted to fly with my NPC friend, though, and I remembered Flan’s mod. When you get in the plane, any creatures next to the plane would automatically be seated inside, and you could fly around with him.

Of course, this is a drawback if a creeper happens to be chasing you and you jump into your plane, but that would be a rare occurrence. The problem with planes in Flan’s mod is that they are almost IMPOSSIBLE to steer, and I did not want to end my only NPC friend’s life in a plane crash onto my own house. So I decided a helicopter would be a lot cooler. The problem: Flan’s Mod doesn’t have any helicopters.

I searched for a while, but couldn’t find any helicopter mods. Then, I found a mod showcase on a helicopter mod by TheDiamondMinecart. The link to the mod was in the description, and when I went to the page it was all in Japenese. I was able to find the download link, and got the mod (finally).

I tried it out, and it was A-W-E-S-O-M-E. The models were cool, and there were tons of planes and helicopters. After I got the hang of it, it was really easy to steer, take off, and land both the helicopters and planes. Some of the vehicles even had weapons like machine guns and missiles.

But best of all, they were easy to craft. Most of them took an average of about 20 iron ingots, and you didn’t have to craft any iron rods or stuff like that. It was just an iron block, a bit of wool, and a few iron ingots. That was a big advantage over Flan’s Mod.

Flan’s took about a stack per vehicle, and it was very confusing.

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