Breadboarding And Pumpkin Pi!

Halloween is coming up very soon, and I decided tht I should ues my Pi for something. I first thought was to use it in a costume, but then I had the problem that it still needed power, and I couldn’t put a breadboard under a costune. So then, I decided to do something tat probably a lot of other people are going to be doing. Pumpkin + Raspberry Pi = Pumpkin Pi! I will be lighting up the pumpkin with 25 LED lights that I got from my birthday (and for those who don’t know, it was a few days ago :D), and a LOT of wires.

Oh, and some speakers. I got some spooky sound tracks from an online website, and I programmed something that makes the lights (or eyes) flicker on, play a spooky sound like howling or “help me”, then flicker off. I haven’t carved my pumpkin, but it’s JUMBO. I also got a wireless usb module, and I found an app on Android that makes it so when you press this big red button on the Android screen, it runs the program.

I programmed it, put my breadboard together, and BOOM. All done! Just gotta carve the pumpkin, and put the Raspberry Pi inside. I will post some videos, but no tutorials (sorry, it’s so many wires it would take FOREVER). Among other news, Minecraft 1.

7.2 came out! Called the biome update, it has more than 20 new biomes. It is a big update, too. 

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