ComputerCraft Minecraft Mod

I found this really great mod called ComputerCraft, which lets you program in Minecraft. It adds computers into Minecraft, and you can program them using a programming language very similar to Ruby and Python. Not only that, but it also adds things called Turtles, which you can program to move around the Minecraft world doing tasks like farming or collecting wood. The programming language is called Lua, and is very easy to learn.

I had never used Lua before, but in about fifteen minutes I could do as much in Lua as I could in Python! ComputerCraft is a very big mod, and you can get tons of addons made by other users, too. The mod has it’s own operating system similar to Linux, called CraftOS. Also, another great thing about this mod is that it is designed to help in survival mode of Minecraft, which means that you have to supply it with resources. Here is an example program that would make a turtle go forward, break any block in front of it, turn around, and drop the block:turtle.


turtle.drop()I have already used ComputerCraft quite a lot in my survival world. So far, I have a turtle that chops trees and places down saplings in a fenced off area, a turtle that goes along a strip of farmland gathering wheat and placing seeds, a turtle that shears sheep (I have two chests filled with – currently – 3,456 blocks of wool, which is 54 stacks), and a turtle that digs a large pit for the collection of ores. There are a lot of tutorials for ComputerCraft on Youtube, including some by the popular Youtuber Direwolf20 (kid-friendly).

 You can download it by clicking here.

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