Correcting Old Mistakes

So, about last week, I corrected a lot of mistakes I had in my older blog posts. I want to encourage people who have a blog to make sure you don’t have any grammar/spelling mistakes. I found out that people take you more seriously   if you capitalize, use apostrophes, and make sure your spelling is correct. For some reason, I don’t like it when people say things like (and this is mostly in chat, not in blog posts I think): “so tehn u put teh for ovr her” etc.

That, I can’t stand! Anyway, I went back into my oldest posts (mostly the HTML ones!) and corrected my mistakes. I was amazed at the amount if grammar/spelling mistakes, and that I was explaining a lot of things the wrong way. I corrected those, and removed some of the worst posts. It looks a lot nicer now!

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