CraftBukkit Plugins

I’ve recently tried making my own server plugins for server software called Bukkit. What is Bukkit? It is server software that lets you modify your Minecraft server more the normal. It supports plugins that other people make. Have you ever seen things like dragons throwing up blocks, or bows turned into guns? This is done with plugins.

It lets you change things, but still doesn’t change the actual Minecraft. Like in Shotbow Network’s gun shooting game, it doesn’t make an entirely new item for the bullets, they are actually just eggs coming from the player. It kinda changes things already implemented in Minecraft, and unlike mods they do not add new items. You may have seen cannons that shoot blocks or flags that really flap.

The truth is, they are actually sand in it’s falling state, but with a changed texture! I decided it might be fun to make a few of my own plugins, using a tutorial on Youtube which I have at the end of this blog post. The first tutorial teaches you to add a command called /hello, and the server will reply “Hello <playername>!”. It’s fun, but also hard. Apparently, the guy who did the Shotbow Network coded each plugin himself! Here is the video:

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