Earth Minecraft Survival

I was looking for something interesting to do in Minecraft survival, when I remembered that someone had made the Earth in Minecraft. I thought it would be very interesting to try playing Minecraft on that world, and I was glad when I found they had a version for survival mode. This version had ores (the creative one didn’t), less trees, and used blocks that were more normal. For example, some places consisted of “mushroom blocks”, but in the survival version they were changed to dirt or sand.

I invited my siblings to play, and we got up a nice way of playing. I added Archimedes’ Ships mod, Minecraft Comes Alive, and the Helicopters and Planes mod.. Then we went and claimed countries for ourselves, and this is what that looks like:

I then decided that different countries would get different bonuses depending on what it produced, and how much. For example, in California and South America , you could build a gold mine, and every real life day you would get six gold ore without having to do anything. Most countries would get a wood bonus, where if you make a house not very near the rest of your village, every real life day you would get 16 wood logs. I then claimed South Africa, because that place has diamonds.

Then, we decided on what jobs we would have. I am the pilot, as crossing places, even in a ship, would take a while. I am almost the only one who can really fly a plane well. I expect to get quite a lot of money from that, as people will be trading and I will have to fly produce around.

My sister Noelle will most likely be a farmer in food and animals, and my younger brother Simeon was lucky, and one of the countries he claimed, Afghanistan, was the only place that produced very much marble, or in this case quartz. He has a monopoly on that, as he is the only person who has that. After all that, we set up deals with each other. For example, my brother Simeon owns Canada and gets a wood bonus.

I live in Egypt, and my brother Gideon lives in Australia. We didn’t notice very much, but there isn’t any wood in those countries. So I have a deal with my brother Simeon, where I will clear out an area in Canada for his builds, and I split the wood I collect. My brother Gideon made a deal with my youngest brother Ezra (yeah, we all have accounts :D), where he can make as many logging houses as he likes and Ezra gets a quarter of the wood that is produced.

We have an interactive map of our server here, and the full map of the world (that we used when claiming countries) here.

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