Email Notifier

Well, I have been working with TechnoWiz2Cubed on a raspberry pi project. This project will use LED lights to display how many new emails you have. I was just looking on Google for how to see how many new emails you have, and based off of the results I made a program. This program asks for your username and password, and checks every half a minute for a new email.

If there are any new emails, it will make a popup saying you have a new email, and how many new emails you have. This is very useful, because if you are doing something else in a different window, you will not know about new emails. I will always have this program running in the background. Here is the download.

This will only work on Linux, though.  And, you can change how often it checks, but I wouldn’t do it more then about 10 seconds. This really can slow your internet if it had no pause.

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