Finally Learning JavaScript!

I decided it was about time I did some web based programming, and since I was already extremely good at HTML and CSS, I decided to do some JavaScript. I’ve tried learning this before, but failed each time. It’s been a long time since I tried, so yesterday I tried again on Codecademy and this time it worked out. I learned a lot of basic things about programming, especially the ‘for’ loops.

I’ve never known how to use those, and that was mostly what stopped me. Here is everything I’ve learned in some (semi) simple code:myObject = { obj1: 1, obj2: “hello”};console.log(myObject.obj1);myObject.

obj2 = 5.1;console.log(myObject.obj2);myObject.

obj3 = {};myObject.obj3.obj_in_obj = “This is in an object in an object!”;console.log(myObject.

obj3.obj_in_obj);myArray = [“Anything”, “Can be in this array!”, 5, true, false, 3.5];console.log(” “);for(i = 0; i != myArray.

length; i++){ console.log(myArray[i]);}You can run the code here:

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