First Video Coming Out Today For EnderSquidMC!

Our headsets are coming in today (out for delivery :D), and we will be recording our first video soon after they come in. But we don’t exactly know what you guys want our channel to be about. We want to shape a little after TheDiamondMinecart. We will be building a lab for mod showcases; in fact, our first video will be one of us talking about our channel, and the other person building the lab.

We will reply to most comments (if the comment is something you are supposed to reply to), and we are trying to make our channel just like what I would want TheDiamondMinecart to be like. This means that for big mods that have lots of crafting recipes, we will only do the crafting recipes at the end of the video. That way, if you just watched the mod showcase for fun, you wouldn’t have to wait through all the crafting recipes at the start of the video. When we come to the crafting recipes, you can always just stop watching the video there.

If you are watching the video so you can get more info for you modded survival, you can watch the end. Also, our modded survival will be EXCITING. We will mostly include the dangerous mods like tornadoes, mutant creatures, orespawn, etc. We will try and get really good sounding audio (and voices).

Also, we will be needing an intro, so that might be a bit hard. I don’t think we will do any guest appearances, but we might do a few videos with other Youtubers. Hopefully I will be able to do it with TheDiamondGolem, who hit one thousand subscribers in a week (starting from like 50). I don’t know how big our channel will grow, or if we will have it a long time.

It mostly depends on how many subscribers/followers we get, and if our channel is doing well. You can subscribe to EnderSquidMC now!

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