Flappy Brain

Winkleink created a Flappy Bird clone called Flappy Brain, and it’s pretty cool.When you first hear that, you think, “Oh, it’s another one of those Flappy Bird clones.” But it is far from that. Controlled by the Raspberry Pi, Winkleink (pen name) used PyGame and his brainwave reader create   a brain controlled Flappy Bird game.

The brainwave reader is a device you strap around your head, and it feels your pulse. When you think hard, it detects. While it cannot tell what you are thinking, it is useful for making games.In this game, the bird goes up when you aren’t thinking very hard, and down when you start thinking.

You have to avoid obstacles, and it really quite hard. For example, when you have to go up, you have to try not to think of anything, and the closer it gets to an obstacle you have to make sure you don’t get too excited. When going down, you have to think hard. Winkleink’s method is to do simple arithmetic, and when he wants to go up he blinks a few times to stop his thoughts.

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