Getting Started With Raspberry Pi

If you have heard of Raspberry Pi, and maybe you are thinking of getting one, then this post is for you.You want a Raspberry Pi, but you don’t know where the best place to buy one is. Maybe some places are cheaper then others, or maybe the quality will be bad. Well, I can tell you from experience the best place to buy a Raspberry Pi.

But, you can’t just buy a Raspberry Pi and say you own one (even though you do). You need a keyboard, mouse, monitor, monitor cord, SD card, and much more. Thankfully, there is a kit on that comes with a Raspberry Pi, and a bunch of other cool things too (the sew-on badge is probably my favorite).

It also includes a breadboard, lights, GPIO wires, and other cool stuff.But once you get it, you might not know where to start. There are tons of things to do, but maybe you should know more about them. You could get started with Minecraft Pi, which is Minecraft for Raspberry Pi.

You can follow some tutorials over at, and make some pretty cool stuff. Or, you could use GPIO pins to make a passcode lock, or a music player. Or, you could use Pygame for Python to make a pretty cool game.

There are tons of possibilities!But what happens if the buttons don’t work, or maybe your Raspberry Pi won’t start? Well, if you can’t find anything on Google, then head to the official Raspberry Pi forums! They are very active, and you can post any of your problems there. You are sure to get an answer in a few hours.Video (not up yet):

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