How To Start A Business

So, some of my brother’s and me watched some of Ed Dale’s The Challenge, and I learned some things about starting a business. So, firstly, you’ve got to get an idea of what you are going to sell. In the old days, if someone wanted to start a business, he just thought and said “Hm, I think I’ll sell cheese!”. Then, he spends a lot of time and money to make a lot of cheese, and tries to sell it.

But let’s say he is in Holland (and they make lots of cheeses in Holland), and nobody buys the cheese! He will have lost time and money, and didn’t get anything. So before you get an idea and start selling things, you have to look for what people want. This is called Market Research. For example, I could say I would be selling programming guides on Raspberry Pi, but I know there is already a lot of guides for Raspberry Pi now.

So, I can get more specific. I could start selling eBook guides for how to program Minecraft Pi. Now, I know that there aren’t so many guides on Minecraft Pi programming, so the chances are that I will sell very well! This is how you would start a business.

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