IndustrialCraft 2 and Buildcraft (mods)

I’ve been playing a lot on the Modded Mayhem World, and even recorded a video this morning (will be up later). It’s been really fun, especially because I now actually understand IndustrialCraft. I remember, in Tekkit (a modpack), it was really easy. For example, to create a basic machine casing (used for most machines), it just took iron blocks.

Iron blocks were easy, because they were in normal vanilla Minecraft, and most people know all the Minecraft vanilla recipes. But now, you have to use a hammer (not in vanilla Minecraft), and turn it into iron plates. It doesn’t sound hard, but it can get really complex. Most of the items required mostly normal Minecraft items, but it’s totally different now.

But I do enjoy the challenge, and in some cases it’s actually cheaper. At first glance, it seemed very difficult. I crafted a thing called a battery box, which stores EU (power). Then, I made cables and made a windmill (for now, I’m going green).

It gave me a little power but not much. But after a while, my battery box was full, and I STILL didn’t have a use for it. I decided to go ahead and dive in to making a jetpack, a really hard item to make. Though, it turned out it was not as hard as I thought it would be.

I had to make some batteries, circuits, wiring, and a battery box (to hold extra power), then I got the jetpack. I was able to place that inside the battery box (the one with full power), and charge it up. It was really great! I could fly around my world easily. That was my first crafting break into IndustrialCraft.

I made more power sources (not so green-friendly), such as a generator that runs off of coal, and a second windmill. But I didn’t just craft things. There was another mod, Buildcraft, that was pretty basic. It mostly added pipes and engines, and a few automatic machines.

If you watched my first Modded Mayhem series, you could actually see us make Minecraft:Dig a pitDivert miscellaneous items into a chestPut cobblestone into a furnace to turn into stoneTurn the stone into stone bricksAnd finally, get transferred off to another machine that created a factory. And what was the first use of the factory? To build itself! After, we basically lived in the factory. About 50% of our lives were crafting things. 25% was making Buildcraft pipes and engines, 15% was building houses or making interior design, and the remaining 10% was mining.

It’s really fun, though, to set a goal of an item, and try to make it. The first thing we made inside our factory, was an automatic sorting system. A lot of people make this, because it makes looking through all of your chests for a certain item easier. The general idea was, you just toss all of your stuff in a pipe and it would get sorted to the right chests.

Wood would go in the wood chest, weapons and armor would go in the combat chest, etc. But we added two new features, and a third coming up. The first feature was to auto-smelt the ores. When you flick a lever, all the ores in the ores chest will get shunted out, and put inside a gold furnace.

Then, after it was done smelting, it would go inside the smelted ores chest. The second feature we added was one where everything from the quarry (including stone bricks, now that our factory was done building) would go into a large chest. Then, there would be a lever option to sort all the items from the quarry into the right chests. That way, we could get an overview of everything that is coming in from the quarry, then flick a lever and everything would get sorted.

Gideon built a few options inside the quarry itself, where you could make it so you could get cobblestone, stone, or stone bricks. A video will be going up today, showing what we did and things we are doing.

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