Installing the new Ubis 13 Hotend

Printrbot recently released a new hot end for their 3D printers, and can print with a lot more detail.The hotend is the nozzle of the printer, the part that contains the extruder and the part that melts the plastic. Some nozzles are more detailed, some of them can handle more heat. This nozzle is way more precise, and even cheaper to make too! I ordered the new Ubis 13 hotend from Printrbot about a week after it came out.

Looking at the instructions online, it seemed only mildly difficult to put together.Normally, I would have my older brother put it together (he put together the heat bed). That is because every time I have ever tried installing or soldering any kind of hardware, something gets fried. However, it looked like there was little risk of things going wrong.

After all, I only had to plug four things in; what could possibly go wrong? At first, nothing did go wrong. This hotend requires a fan to function correctly (if not, it jams), so I had a little extra work to do. I plugged both cords of the fan into the Printrboard (the PCB in the printer). Then, I removed the hotend I used previously (when I got a good look at it, it seemed really beat up and dirty).

I screwed in the new hotend easily, then after a little bit of trouble I connected the hotend cords to the new hotend.Finally, the moment of truth. However, it was not to be. I wasn’t able to connect to the printer (it was spotty before anyway) using OctoPi, or any other computer.

Then, I tried reflashing the firmware of the Printrboard (the software built into the printer), but even then I wasn’t able to connect to it (which is supposedly impossible if it was functioning). I tried printing from an SD card (in case the micro USB input on the printer was broken), but that didn’t do anything either. I thought that maybe my horrible luck when it came to putting things together had come back, and I had fried my 3D printer. Finally, I disconnected the fan and hotend cords from the printer that I had installed, and suddenly I was able to connect to the printer again.

It crashed immediately, though, saying there was no extruder. I plugged the hotend back in, and the printer was functional. I was able to do everything like heating up the bed, extruder, moving the head, etc. However, it would melt the hotend if I tried using it without the fan, so my problems still weren’t solved.

 After connecting the fan again, I was able to connect to it again but the fan wasn’t functioning. Whenever the printer is on, the fan is supposed to turn on. I have a feeling that either the fan was broken before I got it, or I broke it when trying to connect it. Strangely, though, no one else had my problem.

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