Maker Faire And Pi Day

Two events are coming up, one is Pi(e!) day, and the other is the 2015 Maker Faire. Pi day is on March 14th, because March is the 3rd month and the first three numbers of Pi are 3.14. It is the day that everybody celebrates (why, I have no idea) the entirely infinite number Pi.

Instructables is hosting a contest, where you have to make a tutorial on either how to bake a Pie, or on how to do something Raspberry Pi related. There are two grand prizes, one for the winner that entered tech stuff, and the other for the winner who entered stuff related to baking. I will probably enter with a tutorial for my passcode program that I made a while ago, but in text. Also, the Maker Faire 2015 is coming soon, in May.

It is held only a few hours drive from where I am. This is the 17th annual Maker Faire for the Bay Area. I hope to meet some new people, there, too!

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