Making (simple) mods

Ever wanted to find a certain kind of mod, but it doesn’t exist? Well, since I (finally) got the hang of MCreator, I can create simple mods. And what I mean by simple, is things like new armor, weapons/tools, items, and even dimensions. I can’t do things like zooming, just the simple blocks, items, and armor, etc. For example, if you have a lot of emeralds, I could make a simple emerald mod that adds emerald armor/tools.

Then, you wouldn’t have to find a mod that has emerald armor, but also a bunch of other things too. I can also add new water and trees, and even mobs if you want. So, if you want a specific mod for your survival world, just ask me. I am trying to make a gigantic emerald mod (emerald armor, apples, dimension, water, plant, nugget, and more), but for some reason it had an error in the middle of developing, and I couldn’t fix it.

I basically lost it, and couldn’t get it back. But though it is really fun and time consuming, I hate making the same thing twice (programs, that is). Also, I will be making another mod (from a game I made up with my younger siblings) that will include ‘power crystals’, which you can craft into certain kinds of powerful staffs. They will have powers like lightning, fire, and air.

I’m not exactly sure how I will do it, though :P.Right now, I am editing a video that shows how MCreator looks and works.

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