MCA (Minecraft Comes Alive) Valentine’s Update!!

I found out a few days ago that one of my favorite mods, Minecraft Comes Alive, and I saw that there is gonna be a HUGE update on Valentine’s day! And, you know what day today is :). Still waiting for the download, because it isn’t out yet. Meanwhile, here are some of the almost endless new features:Villagers can now ride horses, and control them too!Your husband/wife can cook foodThere are different colored crowns you can craft and give to the villagersThere are armor slots for a much easier way to give villagers armorYour kid now gets better experience for a chore the more he does that choreTo marry another player, you now just right click them and request marriageAnd a bug fix where the game no longer crashes when right clicking someone else’s kid (I was playing with my brother and sister, with large families. It kept crashing every time we accidentally right clicked someone else’s kid)I can’t wait for the download to be out! Also, I may not continue the Modded Mayhem series.

It’s a lot of stress putting the videos out :). You are probably wondering what we are doing now. Well, I made a new world with two mods adding lots of structures, and that resulted in about five ships in the sea that you could see from the shore, and a few floating castles, and tons of ruins of houses. We traveled a bit, and actually we never went mining.

Even so, we had full diamond armor. There were lots of loots everywhere, though they were not easy to get. Since we had the shape shifting mod, we could also have certain cool abilities. My brother Gideon could fly, though me and my sister were still stuck in the water.

We found a large galleon (and I am talking HUGE, I found it was over 6000 blocks!), and after lots of dying we finally took over the ship from the pirates. Only later did we find from looking up on the wiki that there was a pirate boss on board. We found him right outside the front of the ship, where he had apparently been attacking us as we came in. We killed him easily.

Then we made the ship our home! We went exploring, and found a few villages. My sister wanted to take over the villages from the evil necromancer and his army of skeletons, so they moved out of the galleon. I invited my other brothers to join us (Simeon, he was in one of the Modded Mayhem episodes), and we upgraded the ship. After messing with a few settings in the Archimedes Ships mod, we got our HUGE galleon to fly.

Our plan was to just fly around and explore, but eventually we decided to go to the village. But, we were EXTREMELY far away and didn’t even know where it was. I installed a waypoint mod, and teleported to my brother, set a waypoint at the village, then teleported back and headed toward the waypoint. We got to the village, finally, and I settled down.

I married a wife (who hates me D:), and had four children. One was a girl, the rest were boys. I girl died when she was hunting, but my other sons still survived. Gideon and my sister Noelle also married and had lots of children, too.

My brother Simeon will probably be marrying today.

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