MCreator: A Minecraft Mod Maker

I found this cool program called MCreator, and I tried it out. It helps you make mods, which is pretty cool. When I coded it, I usually got something wrong. But after half an hour with this program, I made a mod with a new dimension, armor, items, and plants.

It’s really cool! You just click ‘new mod’, select what kind of thing you want to add to your mod (block, mob, etc. Even dimensions!), and if you selected ‘block’ (for example), then you first put in the texture you want, then you configure things like what it drops, does it emit particles, what sound it makes when you step on it, etc.  You can even make it so it does things when you destroy, place, or walk on it! It is really simple and easy. Unfortunately, it is a little buggy sometimes.

When I tried making a new mob, and added AI commands (wander, attack certain creatures), it said there was an error when it was compiling it. I actually got almost the same error when coding it myself, which was too bad. Another time, I made some sort of mistake when making a dimension and it had an error when compiling (again). The nice thing is that it shows what the error is, and where it is in the code for the mod.

Apparently, it was trying to set a variable like:name = ;name2 = ;In a method. And right above it, was a method with the same name and the variables had content (is that what you would call it?). Another nice thing about MCreator is that you can edit the code if you want to make small changes yourself, and I was actually able to fix the error code :). But anyway, it is (overall) a really cool application.

I will release a video later!

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