Minebattle Minigame

There is this really great minigame I have been playing on a server called Minebattle. I’m not sure what the minigame is called, but I call it sky wars. Basically, there are two teams. And each team’s spawn has a bunch of chests with resources like diamond pickaxes, blocks, food, TNT, Bows & Arrows, etc.

Each team base is separated by the void (if you fall, you die), and you have to get across and destroy the enemy’s core. The core is a small obsidian sphere with lava inside, and you have to make the lava spill out by destroying some of the obsidian. When one team’s obsidian core is broken, the game ends and that team loses. To get to the enemy team’s core, you have to build a bridge to their side.

But the problem is, the enemy will be shooting at you with arrows, trying to knock you off. Most people get to the other side and destroy the enemy’s base with TNT, because that is usually easier then going for the core. I love using TNT to blow up the enemy’s bridges, though. In one map, there are the two bases and a small island with some pretty powerful gear like golden apples and an efficiency pickaxe.

Most of the time, someone from one of the teams will build a bridge to it and try and get the items. At one point, I had my older brother (Jonathan) on my team, and my younger brother (Gideon) on the enemy team. Gideon is a really excellent shot, and it was hard to get to the center. But I did get there eventually.

But while I was looting the chests, Gideon quickly built a bridge to the center island and knocked me into the void. Then the people on his team took over the small island, and would have used the bridge I made to get to our base, except Jonathan and a few of our team mates held them back. When I re spawned, I knew that eventually they would overrun Jonathan. So I did something incredibly awesome.

I sacrificed myself to destroy the bridge that went from our base to the middle island. I ran across the bridge, and Jonathan did a very good job of covering me. Not many hit me, and I was able to cover the bridge in TNT. Then, Jonathan used his flame bow to light it for me.

I just kinda looked up at the enemy team, and KABLAM! I died, but removed the bridge entirely. That was great. Later, in the same game, the enemy was able to rebuild the bridge, and had their entire team focused on that one point. We could probably hold it, but if any of the enemy got one block of TNT behind our cover, then they could easily rush us.

So I had to do another heroic deed. This one was even better, and had a lot more effect. I rushed the enemy with only a stack of TNT, and for some reason none of them saw me. I climbed up behind their cover on the mini island and placed TNT everywhere.

It probably would have permanently removed that small island, except that my brother Gideon saw what I was doing and destroyed as much as the TNT as he could. I think I got about 5 TNT in there and Jonathan blew it all up. I knocked a lot of the enemy into the void with the blast and killed a lot too. That was glorious.

Of course, I didn’t survive. Only Gideon really survived the blast and didn’t get knocked into the void. He got killed by our team when we captured the island, though. That was a long battle.

Unfortunately, the enemy were really good shots, and of course we had team griefers. Those are basically teammates who place TNT in their own base or around their teammates to blow them up. Basically, traitors. It is really annoying, and against the rules.

But, one of those team griefers blew up the small bridge that went from our base to the middle island. It was only me, Jonathan, and this other guy on our team that was on the island after that. And we could get back. If we tried building a bridge back, there wasn’t any cover for us the the enemy could easily shoot us down.

We needed to hold the middle island, though, because it was a key part in the battle. If we died, the enemy could capture it before we could get back. Then, Jonathan died. I decided I could just stay there and hide behind cover, so I started to make a bridge with my other teammate covering me.

I got pretty far, and only got hit a few times. I didn’t die, though. I was almost there, when my brother Gideon on the enemy team started firing on me. I almost died, and had to stay behind cover for the rest of the time.

Then my other teammate died, and it was just me. I had made a bit of cover at the end of the bridge that went from the middle island to part way to the enemy base, but the it didn’t have cover. Plus, I was out of food and had low health. One shot, and I would be dead.

Yet, I kinda had to stay there. Every time one of the enemy started to make a bridge to the middle island, I fired on them. And I didn’t even have to hit them. They saw the arrows and ran.

Jonathan took a long time to come to my rescue, but he finally got a bridge built and re-captured the middle island with his teammates. Then, I got shot by Gideon and died. We did keep the middle island the rest of the game, and actually won, too. Thanks to me, of course.

I like doing suicidal TNT runs.

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