MineCon 2013!

Every year, Minecraft fans and devs go to this thing called Minecon. It’s all Minecraft stuff, and all the famous Minecraft animators and Youtubers are there. It’s going on right now in Orlando, Florida! I saw a picture of SkyDoesMinecraft (a REALLY famous Youtuber) getting mobbed by a bunch of little kid fans :). Unfortunately, I couldn’t go, because the tickets were sold out in a couple of days, all 225 thousand of them! That is only a portion of more than 30 million Minecrafters in the world! Mojang has a live feed, you so you can watch that video and see what is going on.

Another thing you get from going to Minecon is an ingame Minecraft Cape. Very rare, too! You can watch the videos here: twitch.tv/mojang . Here is the first video: Watch live video from Mojang on TwitchTV

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