Minecraft Armeggedon

Today in Minecraft, the worst and most feared dangers come to a lonely village…For Christmas, our parents decided it would be cool to give something related to our talent along with normal presents.

I have to make a talent present for my brother, Jonathan, and he has to get one for me. My brother has two talents; coin collecting, and video making/Photoshoping. He is the closest person in my family to me in talent. I’ve got an idea that the thing that he is making will change my Youtube channel a little.

.. Anyway, I’m going to use my Bukkit programming skills to make something really awesome. ARMEGGEDON.

I thought up all of the most feared things in Minecraft; baby zombies, lava/fire, arrows, TnT, Lightning….

What I came up with is this:Raining baby zombies in full diamond armor, 100 health, and a diamond sword.Volcano spewing fireRaining TnT blocksHail of arrows coming from a certain locationLightning zapping blocks when they burn.It’s total choas! Lightning everywhere, zombies killing villagers, explosions falling on you, getting put on fire by arrows or nearby houses! Almost impossible to escape. Unfortunately, it lags Minecraft a lot.

I got down to 3 FPS/Frames Per Minute! I can’t wait to release it. You don’t actually have to have all of these things on at once. You just need to right clicked on the ground with the following items:Rotten flesh to rain zombiesIron axe to rain TnTBow to make fire arrowsLightning happens automaticallyI burned a ship in seconds with the volcano thing. The lightning helps too, spreading fire.

I did have it so when a block burns up, it turns into a coal block. But this crashed the server when the fire really got raging. I’ll release the .jar file that you can put in your plugins folder for your server after Christmas.

.. Also, more (dangerous) suggestions are welcomed! Nothing to big, like Enderdragons though. Random note: Me and my brother are getting a computer in today.


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