Minecraft Build On ClownerCraft

I have been working a lot on a house on the ClownerCraft server, and today I finally got a rankup! I had to request 3 or 4 different times, each one had problems that I had to improve. First, I didn’t have enough furniture. Second, there was too much glass (probably because my deck/balcony was made of blue stained glass). Thirdly, there wasn’t enough landscaping.

And lastly, I needed an actual roof instead of the flat thing I had then. I fixed all of these things, and finally got a rankup to Bronze! It felt awesome. You get 5 /sethomes (these homes let you teleport between areas), and the command /kit i-tools, which you can use every 4 hours, and it gives you a full set of iron tools. You also get to do colored chat! Here are screenshots of my house:

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