Minecraft Creative Build: Noah’s Ark

I was looking in the Bible for some cool things to build on Minecraft, and started from Genesis. Noah’s ark was the best build, because it had all of the dimensions in the Bible! I went onto my server, and used WorldEdit and my first to make a GIGANTIC ark. I had to cut the size half down, because it would be huge if not. My original ratio was going to be 1 foot: 2 blocks, but that was 900 blocks wide.

I traveled a long time, and did not see the end of the line I created for a start. I decided to do the original 1 foot: 1 block, but even then it was gigantic. I decided just to set the size to 2 feet: 1 block, and that did the trick. It was huge even then, though.

I kept it like that. Now that I am mostly done with the outside, it doesn’t seem as big. I will probably hook up command blocks to have it so as you walk along, it will tell you the entire chapter of the Bible related to Noah’s Ark. Here are some screenshots:

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