Minecraft Minigame: Bridges

There is this really cool game on Mineplex called Bridges, and basically what it is is you start out on an island with your teammates, with a bunch of other islands with other people (your enemies). You die if you touch the water, so you can’t swim to them. It is basically normal survival, but with things like more gold and diamonds. You go mining and try to prepare for a fight, because as soon as ten minutes are up the volcano in the center starts spewing lava everywhere in the water, which hardens into obsidian on contact with the water.

That builds a bridge to the center. In the center, there are lots of chests full of rare items and food. All of your enemies will be rushing there too, so watch out! Then, everybody starts killing each other. That is why it is very important that you get armor and weapons before the bridges are down.

Since I have ultra, I can get some ultra-only kits/classes like the miner kit. If you right click with a pickaxe, it will find certain ore depending on the kind of pickaxe. A stone pickaxe finds coal, an iron one finds iron, and gold one finds gold, and so on. This can be useful when you have a diamond pickaxe!

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