Minecraft Mod: Archimedes’ Ships Mod

When me and my brother were doing Modded Mayhem, we decided it would be cool to take a break from things and go exploring. I did this a little bit before, but night always forces me back. I never got very far. Also, you would have to get over mountains and through jungles, which is pretty difficult.

So what if we could fly through everything? We didn’t have a jetpack yet, and even if we did night would come or we would run out of fuel and go down to our death. What if there was an easier easy? My first idea was to use a ship from the ships mod. But the problem was, we didn’t want to just sail over seas, it would be pretty boring. But what if we combine flying with a ship? I found a mod that not only let’s you build a moveable ship, but also an airship! We could fly straight over mountains, but still see everything underneath us.

And as for night, we just have a bed on our ship! They go pretty fast. The only problem was, we couldn’t really land the ship onto the ground. It will connect with the ground, then the ship won’t fly at all unless we destroy the blocks connecting the ship to the ground. But then my brother had an awesome idea.

To fly ships, you need a helm block. When you right click it, it will detect all of the blocks touching it and the blocks touching the other blocks. It works like a chain magnet. So if we had mini speeders in our ship with a helm on them, and the speeder was connected to the ship by a single block, all you had to do to drive the speeder was to destroy that one block, and right click the helm on the speeder.

Then you could drive the speeder to the ground, where it would be much easier to disconnect then an entire ship! In the next episode of Modded Mayehm, we plan to build our ships. We will be traveling for about four episodes!

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