Minecraft Mod Buildcraft

I was looking for some awesome mods to add to our ‘mod pack’ for Modded Mayhem, and I found this cool mod called Buildcraft. It adds a lot of automated tools, with some AWESOME properties. The biggest thing in the mod is probably the quarry. To use it, you first use special torches to select how big you want the quarry to be.

Then, you place the quarry block next to one of the torches. It will outline the place where it is going to build with ‘tape’. Then, you need some engines to power it. I powered it, an it started putting pipes all along the outline as a protection to make sure you don’t fall in.

Then, it gets a cool diamond drill and drills the ground. Our engines that we had on Modded Mayhem were the second tier type, which needs coal. There are three types of engines; The redstone engine is powered just by putting a lever or redstone torch next to it, it is the slowest but does not explode. We use this to pipe items, which I willl come to later.

Then the steam engine, which takes fuel like coal and wood. It goes a little faster, but does explode after a while if you don’t deactivate it every now and then. Then the best engine of all, the combustion engine, can go very fast. It takes lava, oil, or fuel to power it.

This engine will explode with a large explosion. You are able to make it cool down easier then the other engines. You can either put a bucket of water inside in the engine, or use pipes and a pump to pump water from a lake. Then it will not blow up.

We will probably use this kind of engine when we get enough iron.  Anyway, we used two steam engines to power the quarry, and it takes about 1 block/second. So it does take a while. That is why we are going to upgrade our engines.

When the diamond drill digs something up, it goes into the quarry block where we have a pipe that pipes it out of there and into a chest. Then, we use an emerald pipe (which can filter certain items) to only let cobblestone out of the chest, and the cobblestone goes into our furnace. There, it smelts automatically. We haven’t done it yet, but from there it will go into a machine called the Filler.

The Filler can build simple structures, and clear or flatten places. We will have it so it will build a factory for us, using the stone we get from the furnace. All automatic, too!

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