Minecraft Mod: McHeli

One of my favorite mods is the Helicopters and Planes mod, called McHeli. This is a very remarkable mod, one reason being that it can use 3D models for the planes! This is a Japanese mod, which means that it will be quite crazy. It adds a whole lot of planes and helicopters, and a few other features. Most planes and helicopters have following missiles, bombs, and guns.

There are even anti-aircraft guns in the mod! While this is mostly battle-orientated, it does add some passenger planes.A great feature is the ability to put any mobs you like, modded or otherwise, into a plane. This is why I added it into our modded Earth server, because I can transport the villagers around easily. Planes are really hard to control, and Helicopters even harder.

That is why I chose the job of pilot, because I am almost the only one who can fly them. Here are some pictures of what they look like in action:

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