Minecraft Mod: Minecraft Comes Alive

I was watching one of DanTDM’s modded survival videos, and I saw he had a mod on called ‘Minecraft Comes Alive’. He married one of the villagers, and had a little baby! I thought it was pretty cool. I looked it up, and added it to my modpack. It replaces villagers, an puts in NPCs which look exactly like you.

They even chat! ‘Hello scarabcoder’, ‘How are you doing?’. When you right click one, you can do things with them. You can hire them, or interact with them by chatting, shaking hands, high fives, etc. It will display how much they like you in ‘hearts’, and the mood they are in.

If they are in a bad mood, it is better to let them be. But if they are in a good mood, you can chat with them and sometimes they will like you better. But sometimes they won’t, and eventually they will hate you. I saw DanTDM going out of a house after a failed conversation with one, and he said ‘Yeah, you run away coward!’.

If they have over 100 hearts (and if you are a boy and the villager is a girl), you can marry her. They best way to make her on your good side is by gifting her items. To marry a villager, you first need to gift the girl an engagement ring, then a wedding ring. Then she will be your wife.

All of the other villagers will even give you wedding gifts! Then after that, you can get a little baby. When the baby is grown up enough to walk, you can ‘place’ him/her on the ground. A little baby villager will spawn! She/he will refer to you as daddy/mommy. You can actually make her do chores, too! And when she grows up, she can marry another villager and you can have grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

To do that, you give one silver ring (I forgot the name) to one villager, then the other to your son/daughter. They will then marry each other. You can make them give birth to a baby, too! And if you want to be king, all you have to do is craft a crown. Then the villagers will automatically have 100 hearts towards you.

You can also marry more than once. You can also have the villagers executed, or make them pay tribute. It’s pretty awesome!

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