Minecraft Modded Mayhem Series!

I was checking out some awesome mods, when I thought it would be cool to do a survival series with mods! I got my brother, Gideon, and we installed 21 mods. They were things like Rei’s Minimap, Metallurgy, Smart Moving Mod, Falling Meteors mod, and more. I have already done quite a few episodes, and by episode 3, thanks to a falling meteor that nearly destroyed our house (that scared me SO bad when it crashed), we were able to go through a portal that it spawned. Then, we got some awesome ores! The series have been going so well.

I have a playlist up on Youtube, and we are at episode 4! Here is generally what we did in each episode:Episode 1: Split up and went mining almost the entire episode and found TONS of ores.Episode 2: Built a house, and a meteor full of lava crashed near the house. Unfortunately, Quicktime stopped recording before that happened, so it was not on camera.Episode 3: We went to the nether from the portal that the meteor spawned, and got lots of awesome ores with special powers like regeneration, poison, slowness, and loot.

Episode 4: My younger brother, Simeon, joined us for this episode as a one-time guest. We did a little exploring.And here is the playlist, sorted by newest to oldest:

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