Minecraft Modding: The PBJ Mod

I decided to take a step up from Bukkit plugins, and the thing next is modding Minecraft. I was just following the Youtube tutorial, and it popped into my head. Jelly. Don’t know why.

I actually searched it up later, and I found that the only jelly mod was an outdated one for Minecraft 1.2.5. The mod I am making will have jelly ore (really!), and peanuts that might come from either hoeing the ground, or from the jelly or peanut monster.

Yeah, that’s right. A jelly monster. Sound kind of gross..

. Anyway, the mod adds a few recipes, including one for making 9 bread slices by putting a loaf of bread in any slot in the crafting table or inventory. You can then make PBJ sandwiches, which have a 5% chance of giving slowness (you know, peanut better makes your mouth all full and sticky). You will also be able to plant peanuts, and when you harvest the plant with your fist it will have a 65% chance of dropping peanut butter.

I wouldn’t mind someone helping with the textures, though. Make sure all of the textures are 16×16!

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