Minecraft Pi: Getting Started Is Now In The Amazon Store!

I have finally released my eBook, Minecraft Pi: Getting Started (How to program your first 4 Games in Minecraft Using Raspberry Pi) in the Amazon store! You can buy this book for $0.99.What’s in the book? Well, this book introduces you to Minecraft: Pi Edition. It tells you how to download, install, and program Minecraft Pi.

It even teaches a few basics of Python, the programming language that is used to program Minecraft Pi.Who is this for? This is for mostly young people, around the age of 12 or 13. This book is also great as a Christmas or birthday present, along with a Raspberry Pi. You can buy a Raspberry Pi here.

What does this book not include? It does not teach you how to set up your Raspberry Pi, and it assumes that you know how to navigate around your Raspberry Pi, and have a few accessories (monitor, Ethernet cable for Internet, etc).How long will it take to learn how to program your first game in Minecraft: Pi Edition? About an hour! This book does not wander into other modules, and focuses mostly on coding your first games. By the end of this book, you will know how to make exploding TNT, clear large areas, and make a find the gold game! Buy this book on Amazon:

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