Minecraft Pi: Making games inside a game

Without any warning, I’m almost done with my second eBook! It’s almost twice as long as my first one, and it will be about how to make games inside Minecraft Pi. It comes with tutorials for two games, and one more game that you have to code yourself. Here is an excerpt from my eBook, explaining the contents:Minigame One: Dissipating ArenaIn this minigame, you will be able to make a game where the floor of the arena is slowly disappearing, block by block. The object of the game is to not fall, and last as long as possible.

A simple yet addicting game. You will be able to have scores, too, meaning you can play and try to beat your friends at it. In these minigames, you will also learn some really cool concepts, including random numbers and using loops combined with time.sleep() pauses.

Minigame Two: Tetris DoomIn this minigame, the object of the game is to get to the top of the arena by climbing the falling blocks. But you can also get suffucated by the amount falling down, so try not to get trapped in a hole! It uses a lot of random numbers, and goes at a much faster pace then the Dissipating Arena. It uses the fact that in Minecraft, when you place sand and nothing is below it, it will fall down. You can try that yourself by placing a sand blocks against a pillar, and watch it fall.

Minigame Three: Grab That GoldIn this last minigame, the tutorial is a bit different. I will tell you how to what methods and information you use, but the actual coding is up to you. You will probably need to read the first to minigames to do this one. In the game, you have to run (or fly) around the arena, trying to destroy a gold block that is constantly moving around every tenth of a second.

At the end, it will display how long (in seconds) it took you to destroy the block. I hope to have it out this week!

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