Minecraft Server: ClownerCraft

It’s really hard to find a Minecraft survival server that is not over crowded and doesn’t have thousands of griefing areas, and at the same time have a decent amount of players at all times, so it’s easy to make friends. I finally found a server like that, and as a bonus it was a non-pvp one. I went on with my brother, sister, Mikah, and Harrison. We did have to travel pretty far for some good resources, although the area wasn’t that trashed.

I guess Mikah wanted to live somewhere natural, somewhere where it wouldn’t look like a giant tree chopper had come through. Eventually we settled in a forest (actually, a clearing in the forest), and built a village. The staff were very nice, and we had visitors frequently. Nobody griefed.

I also like how they have a plugin that can not only tell who destroyed blocks in a certain area, but also repair them in that area. That way, any griefers can be banned and your house repaired. There is just a little problem, and that is is donors can fly. I don’t really get the reasoning in that.

It’s not that fair. Anyway, a such VIP came to our house and started blowing it up. He went to me, out the door, and started placing and blowing TnT everywhere. Thankfully, it was repaired.

Apparently, the VIP was going to stop playing Minecraft and wanted to do one last fun thing. It didn’t really matter if it was against the rules, because he would stop playing anyway. It was a actually pretty fun. Mikah wasn’t on to see it.

In fact, it was just me and my brother, who was pretty mad. I lost all of my stuff in my inventory in lava, but my house and chests were untouched. The staff were nice enough to give me full diamond tools in replacement. The area felt crowded.

As soon as the guy started greifing, I broadcasted on the server “<the guy’s username> is griefing my house and my village! Help!”. Then I got a few tp requests (which I accepted. I decided I would see how crowded it would get), and a moderator came over. As the guy griefed more, the owner of the server and a few more moderators and lots of people came.

The moderators and admin were taking over, repairing everything with commands. It was back to normal in no time. That was almost fun..

.. Another time, I was blamed for griefing. Now, don’t get me wrong.

I don’t grief (not purposefully, I got banned on two servers for griefing. It was an accident!). And the cool thing was, there were lots of people who stood up for me. Maybe because I traded with them a lot, or maybe because I just had good grammar and spelling (tip to becoming popular on servers: Capitalize, check spelling, and DON’T use words like ‘u’ and ‘y?’).

The guy who got griefed said that there was a sign saying ‘Haha, I griefed you! -Scarabcoder’. I guess someone just did that to get me kicked. I don’t know. But of course, the admins had the block tracker and found the real culprit.

Later, the guy who get griefed was kicked and maybe even banned. It’s a really excellent server, so join it. IP: clownercraft.net

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