Minecraft server: EmpireCraft

I’ve been looking for Bukkit plugin work, and I finally found out what to do. I’ve always liked survival servers, but wished they had a little bit more features. Things like cars and helicopters. So, I decided to do just that.

I started with the vehicles: Cars, Tanks, Parachutes, and Helicopters. It wasn’t hard, and it was all working in about a day. Then, I thought of other things I would want a survival server to have. APARTMENTS.

This would mean people could live all close together, AND I wouldn’t have to worry about griefing. One of the big things I don’t like about survival servers is that you have to travel really far away to find resources that haven’t already been claimed or destroyed by other players. If I had a separate world for people to live in, I could reset the normal world but keep the apartments world. I started out my server with these two small things.

Apartments, and vehicles. But even that was boring, and currently, there wasn’t currency. I wanted to use a plugin like Vault for the economy, but I also wanted to code my own plugin to manually do things like give people money for destroying certain blocks. I probably could’ve done this with the Vault API, but it was WAY to confusing.

So, hard as it was, I made my own currency plugin. It does basically what Vault does. You can have buy and sell signs, and I can add or remove money from a player’s balance. But was even better then Vault, was the ability to get money on mining certain ores, and you can write checks.

Then, me and my brother made the Empire State Building, and it was HUGE. Over three hundred apartments! I made a command for buying apartments, and made a bunch of signs that let people buy materials to decorate the inside of their apartments. But just getting money and resources to decorate the inside of your tiny apartment is boring. It would be better if there was a city outside, that people could interact with.

In fact, I even made it so you can buy your own skyscraper! And the thing about my server was, you don’t have to work too hard to get lots of money. After that, houses were introduced. You could buy your own house, which is roughly the same size as three apartments. It comes with a garage, too! I like these, because they are out in the country, and funner to decorate.

I invited my friends, and they all say it’s a pretty cool server. If you want to join, the IP is 8.6.9.


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