Minecraft Server: Mineplex

Yesterday, we had a friend over at our house. He was in episode 13 and 14, and his name is Kent. We decided to do another video, and this time we went on Mineplex. First, we played about an HOUR (that was, without edits on the video.

We got disconnected a lot) on mixed arcade, where it mixes the games randomly. There were games like Death tag, which is basically tag, but to tag someone you have to kill them. Once you are ‘tagged’, you turn into a skeleton and have to kill the other survivors. Since me and my brother have Ultra (premium) rank, we could get the ultra-only rank.

It lets you hit and punch around your own teammates, and since they don’t have Ultra, they can’t punch back. The winner is the last survivor. There were lots of other games too, like paintball and a game where you have to dodge a bunch of dragons on a ship. After we played Arcade, we played Survival Games.

It starts out with a bunch of people in a circle, and in the center is a bunch of chests. Each chest has random items like swords, food, and armor. I usually don’t go for the center, and try and get a head start by going behind me. There are other chests in the world, and most of them are hidden.

The object of the game is to kill everybody. I actually won, which was the second time I ever won. I had a single stone sword, and killed someone that had a diamond sword! The first time I ever one was actually the first time I ever played. We had lots of fun! You can go on the server by using the IP us.


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