Minecraft Videos

I have been watching YouTube videos by AntVenom (for those who don’t know, he is an extremely famous Minecraft Youtuber), and he was playing a mini game called Dragons. In Minecraft, there is a monster named the Enderdragon. When you kill one, you win he game. They are a type of Boss Mob.

In the mini game, about six of these flying monsters attack you and everyone else on that game, in whatever map you are playing. They just wreck everything and send people and blocks flying. Your job is not to kill these dragons, but to survive and not fall into the water or Void. They will fling players into the air, or destroy building.

You just try not to fall through the holes that they make. AntVenom was doing a video on the mini game, and I thought it looked awesome. I went on the server and played the game myself, and it was just chaos. Then I decided it would be cool to do my own YouTube videos with my brother, Gideon.

Me and him, after sever failed attempts, finally got a screen video of us playing. I will be uploading this on YouTube, and I will post it here. Suggestions for videos are welcome!

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