Mineplex Minigame: Super Smash Mobs

Many of you who play Minigames on Minecraft a lot probably know about a big Minigame server called Mineplex. It has lots of pretty original games, like a game called sheep quest where you have to try and capture as many sheep as you can for you team. But one of my favorite games on the server is a game called Super Smash Mobs. It is basically a recreation of the Super Smash Bros, a Nintendo game.

In the Mineplex version, you can choose to be almost any creature in Minecraft. Each mob has it’s own abilities, like enderman teleporting or iron golems doing extra damage. The object of the game is to be the last man standing. Everybody starts with four lives.

My favorite mob to be is the snowman. He has three powers. First, he can shoot spray fire of snowballs which do a lot of knock back and a little damage. Then, he can use a thing called ice path.

On use, it makes a path of ice in whatever direction you are looking in. This is very useful if someone knocks you off the map and you are about to fall out of the world. You can make an ice path all the way up again. And the last power he gets is called Arctic Aura.

It basically makes a lot of snow all around you, and doubles the damage you give when the person you are damaging is on the snow. I like the mob because it comes with a pretty good defense and offense. Probably my favorite power is the ice path, though.

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