More Modded Mayhem!

It’s been really fun doing the modded Mayhem series recently, and we even recorded two videos (uploaded) since yesterday! We made a few more machines, with lots of ideas for more machinery. Three ideas, actually. The first, the smallest, is to go extremely green friendly. Instead of us just burning our trash in lava, we will use a recycler.

It basically destroys items put into it, and has a 10% chance of yielding scrap. Then, that scrap can be burnt easily. But instead of just burning it as fuel, we can turn it into energy, effectively not wasting things we throw away. The second idea we thought of was making a lot of power sources around our factory, like windmill and watermills, and have them all go into a few battery boxes.

Then, we could have power almost whenever we wanted. And our third idea was to get an infinite amount of oil. There are oil spurts that generate randomly around the world, called infinite oil sources. It goes up about 20 blocks, and if you go underground to it’s source you will find a gigantic sphere filled with oil.

This effectively makes it infinite. It will keep generating more and more. Then, using a pump at the top, you can pump all the oil liquid into an ender tank. It basically is an enderchest, which means that it shares the same contents as any other endertank you place down.

It’s not different inventories, it’s all one inventory. Then, at base, we can pump it out of the ender tank and into a normal tank, where we can either pump it out into machines, or refine it into fuel, or use buckets and make it into buckets of oil.

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