Music Player!

Okay, so I got bored and made a RPi controlled Music Player! So, it uses the buttons and lights I got in my starter kit. It works perfectly, but I had a little argument with myself. I only had three buttons, and I knew that one would pause/play, but I couldn’t decide about the other two. I could decide between a volume control, or a skip skip song control.

So I decided to do neither. I made one of ’em skip to the next song, and the other toggle between playing the entire list over again when it was done, and just end when there wasn’t any more music to play. I’m gonna order more buttons, and maybe another board. I kinda ran out of space on my main board.

So, I will put the code on my Github soon, when I am done perfecting it. The setup with the buttons and lights is the same as my passcode setup, so you can use the tutorial for my passcode program. 

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