My API Program, Continued

I have been working for weeks now on my Minecraft Pi program, and I think my work has paid off! My newest features:/templerun: Play Temple Run on Minecraft! Generates a long strip, and block of invisible bedrock get randomly placed on the strip. Also, the strip disappears behind you! /snake: This is my favorite. It isn’t really a utility, and at the same time it isn’t a game either. It’s about in between those.

Anyway, it generates a strip of black wool, and will go forward until you control exactly where you want it to go. It comes with a “joypad” of multi-colored wool blocks, which you right-click the control the “snake”. It is just a very fun thing to play with!/building: This one took a long time to do. It generates a building, and you can choose the height, what you want the walls to be made of, and what you want the floors to be made of.

That’s right, floors! Depending on the height, it will build floors every 5 blocks. It also generates windows on two sides of the building.Also, which is very important, I fixed a bug in /dodgegame. Some of the wool will not reach the glass area, and so will not get the player.

I’m sure you probably noticed in the video Martin (thanks!) did for me.I think that is all, I can really remember everything. Well, just have fun! I will release a download link soon, when I have everything fixed up, and all the testing things/bugs are removed.

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