My Ultimated Modded Client

There are some Minecraft mods that don’t need to be on servers for you to join them, and I started to get those. Most of them are visual bug fixes, like having windows in stairs making nicer rounded windows. There are some things, like shaders, that makes shading and everything much more realistic, including animated water with reflections! The first mod I got was actually Optifine, which is a famous mod. It allows you to zoom in a bit, and makes your FPS (Frames Per Second, the higher it is, the faster Minecraft is) much higher, and makes small little tweaks.

I also got a cape mod, just for fun. It wasn’t that hard, but at the end I had a totally multiplayer-compatible modded client. It even works with older computers, and the shader I have does not lag Minecraft. I will probably be adding more mods, like maybe a more sounds mod.

I will probably release a zip file of it all. It does not add new items or block or mobs, it just changes the graphics.

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