New Modded Mayhem Video Out!

I recorded two videos of my modded series, Modded Mayhem, and I had great fun. For example, and ogre destroyed the front of Gideon’s house, and ants infest my floating house on the water. This morning, we recorded a video of Modded Mayhem, but it didn’t record the audio. Which was too bad, because we visited the ant dimension and found the tree of goodness.

The tree’s trunk is made out of gold blocks, the branches were made out of emerald blocks, the fruits were rare things like titanium and uranium. The stairs (which go all away around the tree) are made out of diamond blocks. I actually probably acted greedy, though. It went like this:Me: It’s the tree of goodness!! Let’s go get it now!Gideon: Wait! Don’t go ye-Thats when the guardian of the tree spawned.

He is a gigantic boss, three times as big as the enderdragon. He is like a white dragon. He has about 10,000 health, and almost invincible. I stopped dead when I saw the dragon flying over the gigantic tree.

If you have ever heard of “his blood ran cold”, that is actually what happened to me. I got so scared, I just stopped and stared. My brother quickly ran inside the tree, and I ran after him. We looked up at the leaves, and it is really quite scary to see a gigantic wing go by.

He seemed to stay up at the top of the tree, and didn’t attack us. We went higher up the tree, and that’s when he fire balled that part of the tree and killed us. He was super powerful. Eventually it got really laggy and we reloaded the world.

When we got back on, the dragon was gone. I’m not sure what happened! But I guess it was for the better, because we probably could never get away. We mined a bit, and I got full diamond armor. I am probably going to make a sort of “throne”, and use Archimede’s ships mod to make it float.

 That way, we could go underneath the branches to mine all the rare blocks.

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