New planned Youtube series: Bible Builds!

I have basically finished Noah’s Ark in Minecraft, and now I am starting on another build in the Bible. Then I thought of an idea for a Youtube series! Right now, I am building the Tower of Babel. It is EXTREMELY high, and I built it right up to the height limit. I had to make it sort of rounded at the edges, and it took me about 15 minutes to do one edge.

I ended up using a lot of Worldedit magic. I copied the edge, rotated the copy 90 degrees, and pasted it at the next edge. I kept doing it until all the sides were the same. I am now building a staircase, and believe me, I can’t really copy and paste that.

It’s gonna take a long time. I’ve already recorded the ark, and I will probably put it up on Youtube. Also, suggestions on what I should build next would be VERY helpful.

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