[News] [Surprise] Minecraft Pi Programming!

I have been programming for about two weeks now on a program for Minecraft on my Raspberry Pi (click here to see what Minecraft Pi is). I learned it all from a person named Martin O’Hanlon. (http://www.stuffaboutcode.

com). My program has been able to do so many things, and here are a few:The program generates an arena, and the floor of it starts disappearing, block by block, randomly. Your job is not to fall down through a hole. When you do fall down a hole, it tells you your score and level.

Another game generates the same arena, but instead you are trapped behind a glass wall, with your back to the wall of the arena. Then, from the other side of the arena wool will come from the ground at you. You have to dodge it, but if you accidentally walk on the wool as it comes along the ground, you lose. The ending is just like the first arena game.

 I have a lot more built into the program, and I am even still working on more things. Anyway, I posted comments on Martin’s blog, asking about things and learning more and more. Then, one day I asked if he could do a video of my Minecraft program. He said yes, and even said he would make a blog post about it! So just yesterday, he put the video up on Youtube, and posted a blog post about my video! You can view it here:http://www.

stuffaboutcode.com/2013/05/minecraft-pi-edition-2-games-by.htmlThanks Martin!And of course, the video that he did for my program:

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