Perfect Presents For A Young Programmer

If you have a nephew, son, or young cousin who is having a birthday soon, and he is interested in things like computer programming, you may be wondering what to get him/her. There are probably lots of things they he/she wants that you might not understand. Like, what is a 500k resistor?? I decided to put a list of what every young programmer needs and wants. Most of them probably won’t make much sense, so I will explain some of them:Raspberry Pi Starter Pack: This includes everything you need to start a Raspberry Pi, (does not include Monitor, Mouse, and Keyboard).

It’s a little expensive, though.Monitor: It is quite possible you have a monitor from when computers didn’t come with screens, and you used those big large screens that you connected to your desktop. This will be used for the Raspberry Pi, because it doesn’t come with a screen. You will need a power cord and HDMI cord for it to connect it to the Raspberry Pi.

Keyboard and MouseCodecademy: It’s free, but that is something you should definitely get an account on for the birthday boy/girl. It’s where I learned all of my programming.Raspberry Pi Camera Module: This is a camera that only works for Raspberry Pi, and can be programmed!

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